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  • Blackmoor

    Blackmoor is a northern kingdom, ruled by King Uther Andahar. It was once part of [[the Great Kingdom]], but it broke away, like many other kingdoms.

  • Underdark

    The Underdark is the land below the ground, a dangerous place of many, interconnected caverns and strange monsters. It is also the ancient homeland of the [[dwarves]].

  • Hommlet

    Hommlet is a village in the central [[Flanaess]], located some ten leagues southeast of the city of [[Verbobonc]]. It is subject to the [[Viscount of Verbobonc]]. To the south, and east is the [[Gnarley Forest]], beyond which is the [[Wild Coast]]. It is …

  • the Great Kingdom

    The Great Kingdom once stretched from the isles of [[the Sea Barons]] in the east to [[the Viceroyalty of Ferrond]] in the west; and from [[Sunndi]] in the south to [[Blackmoor]] in the north. Now however, it has shrunk to a fraction of it's former size. …

  • the Planes of Existence

    The common people of the world know that there are several worlds beyond the one they know, such as the realm of the [[faeries]] and the domains of the [[gods]]. The [[Nine Hells]] and the [[Abyss]] are well known planes of evil, and the [[Mounting …

  • Abyss

    The Abyss is home to the [[demons]] and contains hundreds of horrible realms, many of which are ruled by [[Demon Lords]].

  • Nine Hells

    The Nine Hells are the dominion of [[Asmodeus]] and his hosts. [[Asmodeus]] rules over the ninth hell personally, but the others are governed by the [[Archdukes of Hell]]. There are other, lesser hells aside from the nine.

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