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  • Fairykin

    Some races like the [[gnomes]] and [[elves]] are known to have connections with the [[fey]]. Some debate that [[goblins]] should be counted among the fairykin, due to they're similarity to certain fey but others say that the similarity is coincidental or …

  • Fey

    The fey are mystical, immortal beings. They are quite mysterious and have a reputation amongst mortals for mischief and strange powers.

  • Gnomes

    Gnomes are a race of small [[fairykin]] and are also considered kin to [[dwarves]]. The most common variety of gnome is called the rock gnome. Like they're dwarven cousins they value craftsmanship, but unlike them gnomes are more inclined for deception …

  • Elves

    Elves are a race of long-lived [[fairykin]] that once ruled most of the [[Flanaess]]. Now they're great kingdoms are long gone and they mostly live in hidden enclaves scattered throughout the Flanaess, or in bands that wander the wilderness.

  • Goblins

    Also known as orcs, this race has a long history of conflict with the [[demihuman]] and [[fairykin]] races, and a foul reputation that is not entirely undeserved. It is important to note, however, that humans and other races are capable of just as much …

  • Demihumans

    Demihumans are a group of races closely related to humankind. [[Hobbits]] are among the most famous but rumors of half-fish people and a race of subterranean men are quite common.

  • Hobbits

    Hobbits are a race of diminutive [[demihumans]]. They are known for they're close-knit communities and love of comforts. They are often called halflings by other races, a name they dislike, but most do not get upset when it is used. Though hobbits have a …

  • Dwarves

    The dwarves are a race of sturdy folk that are renowned for they're craftsdwarfship and skill in mining. They have great empires in the [[Underdark]], competing with [[goblins]] and other races of the depths. The dwarven nations and holds closer to the …

  • Demon

    The term demon is used by the uneducated to refer to various supernatural beings, mostly of malevolent intent. So a commoner might refer to a [[Tanar'ri]] from the [[Abyss]], a [[Baatezu]] from the [[Nine Hells]], a [[Slaad]] from [[Limbo]] and an …

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