the Church of Aerdy

The Church of Aerdy is the church of the Great Kingdom. The main church currently recognizes Hextor as the supreme deity, with twelve other gods as his court, mirroring the court of the Overking. The head of this religion is the Holy Censor of Medegia, who is one of the chief advisors of the Overking, and crowns each Overking. It’s beliefs and doctrine are based on the Prophesies of Johydee, the Book of Creation, and several other holy texts, and they worship the Oeridian Pantheon.

The Church of Nyrond and that of the Theocracy of the Pale split off from the organization when their countries broke off from the Great Kingdom.

Main Deities, Court of Hextor

Hextor, Overking of the Gods

Asmodeus, Archduke of Hell, Chief Advisor to Hextor

Baalzy, Goddess of Prosperity

Beory, the Oerthmother

Bleredd, Smith of the Gods

Cyndor, Keeper of Infinity

Delleb, Lorekeeper of the Gods, according to mythology Delleb is an enemy of Hextor, but according to the Aerdian priesthood, Hextor subdued Delleb, forcing him to serve him

Maglubiyet, High Chieftain of the Orcs

Procan, Sea King, Lord of Storms

Sol, God of the Sun

Stern Alia, Mother of Hextor

Wee Jas, Death’s Guardian, originally a Suel goddess

Zilchus, the Moneycounter

Lesser Deities

Celestian, the Star Wanderer

Fharlanghn, the Dweller on the Horizon

Erythnul, the Many, a chaotic god considered an enemy of Hextor

Heironeous, Brother of Hextor, according to the teachings of the Modern Aerdian church is an evil god, seeking to overthrow Hextor and claim his throne for himself

Kord, the Brawler, originally a Suel god, was integrated into the faith

Nerull, the Reaper

Pholtus, former Overking of the Gods, later deposed by Hextor, then worship was later banned

Velaeri, Agricultural Gods

the Church of Aerdy

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