The Church of Nyrond

The Church of Nyrond is similar to the Church of Aerdy, but much more benevolent. In the Church of Nyrond, Pholtus is the divine Overking, as he originally was in the Aerdian faith.

Major Deties (Court of Pholtus)

Pholtus, Divine Overking

Beory, the Oerthmother

Bleredd, Smith of the Gods

Cyndor, Keeper of Infinity

Delleb, Lorekeeper of the Gods

Hieroneous, the Archpaladin

Rao, the Mediator, Rao is seen in Nyrondese religion as being subject to Pholtus, but as being a respected advisor

Sol, God of the Sun

Zilchus, the Moneycounter

Lesser Deities

Celestian, the Star Wanderer

Fharlanghn, the Dweller on the Horizon

Velaeri, Agricultural Gods

The Church of Nyrond

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